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Company Overview

Cancer Targeted Technology (CTT) is a biotechnology company commercializing unique small molecule inhibitors to pivotal enzyme targets in cancer.

Our first product, CTT-54, recognizes the molecular target, Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen, with unique and unexploited binding characteristics. PSMA is an exceptional FDA-approved biomarker for prostate cancer and is expressed on close to 100% of prostate tumors with increase in expression correlated with disease progression and low expression in normal tissue. PSMA is also expressed on the new blood vessels of a variety of non-prostatic solid malignancies, making the utility and broader market for CTT-54, significant.

Our development pipeline includes:

  • 1. Diagnostic imaging of prostate cancer;
  • 2. Detection of circulating tumor cells;
  • 3. Targeted delivery of radio- photo- and chemotherapeutics.

Our CTT-54 PET diagnostic can be imaged within a few hours, and is expected to specifically and sensitively detect early cancer escaped from the prostate and distal metastatic disease including bone metastases. This product is urgently needed to improve diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and is a significant improvement over the current competition. CTT-54 will accurately stage the disease as well as help determine personalized treatment choices that can be effectively monitored, eliminating the need for "watchful waiting". CTT is targeting clinical trials in 2011.